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Canada’s aviation associations join forces

Dec. 12, 2012, Ottawa - Canada's aviation associations have joined forces to create the Canadian Aviation Associations Forum (CAAF).  Citing a need to develop a new strategic framework to promote growth of the aviation industry in Canada, the CAAF pledged to work with the federal government to strengthen the industry.

December 12, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The forum's initiatives include the promotion of a streamlined regulatory amendment process and further implementation of performance based regulations that truly benefit the Canadian aviation industry and the travelling public.

"Aviation associations are uniquely positioned to have their fingers on the pulse of the issues that need to be addressed across the country.  Together, we play an essential role in ensuring Canada's air services network is effective and can facilitate national economic activity and commerce", said George Petsikas, President, National Airlines Council of Canada.

"There is no question that to be internationally competitive in the 21st century, nations require a viable national and international air transportation system. We urge the government to stop treating the industry as a source of public revenue and start treating the sector as an economic engine that drives our economy and is a key enabler of trade and tourism", added John McKenna, President and CEO, Air Transport Association of Canada.

The Canadian Aviation Associations Forum plans to hold biannual meetings. Discussion topics will include but not be limited to:


The importance of establishing a cohesive National Air Transport Policy.
Ensuring that cost benefit analyses and international benchmarking are conducted when developing regulations.
Ensuring an appropriate "pilot pipeline" and pilot training program.
Improvements to Transport Canada's management of oversight requirements and certification services.


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