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Canadian airlines adopt all-inclusive ticket pricing

Feb. 9, 2012, Montreal - Buying an airline ticket will soon become a little less confusing.

February 9, 2012  By The Canadian Press

Canada's major airlines have agreed to adopt all-inclusive pricing, which factors all taxes and fees into the cost of a flight.

Air Canada changed its pricing structure yesterday, and Porter Airlines is set to follow suit tomorrow.

WestJet put all-in pricing into practice last month.

The new structure will cover all fees, surcharges and taxes that customers wind up paying, which sometimes virtually double the posted ticket price.


The extra amounts include Nav Canada fees, airport improvement charges, fuel surcharges, insurance and air security charges.

Consumers also have to add G-S-T or Harmonized Sales Tax, and possibly other costs depending on the destination.

The changes come two months after the federal government announced new rules around airline pricing.

Canada now joins the United States and Europe in adopting airfare honesty laws.


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