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Canadian airports benefit from Searidge’s remote video solution

March 10, 2015, Madrid, Spain - Searidge Technologies has announced that the Searidge remote video solution is in operation at Canada's 11th busiest airport, London International (YXU).

March 10, 2015  By Searidge Technologies

YXU air traffic controller operators (ATCOs) are currently using the remote capabilities provided by Searidge’s ATC-Grade video system to enhance their ability to make surface management decisions. The remote capabilities of the ATC-Grade video system provide the ATCOs with visual confirmation of the areas where the limited height of the air traffic control tower and traffic ranging from a mixture of general aviation, scheduled commercial traffic, flight training & manufacturing, contribute to a non-optimal level of visibility of some of the controlled airport areas.

“We have worked very closely with Searidge, running the system through extensive testing to ensure that it meets all operational requirements,” says Larry Lachance, Vice President, Operations, NAV CANADA. “Searidge has continued to demonstrate the value of video to augment visibility in the tower and deliver an additional level of information to our controllers improving their ability to manage the airport’s surface. “

The Searidge remote video solution has been adapted to YXU’s operational requirements. Using high definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, ATCOs from three working positions are provided with a live view of traffic throughout various areas of the surface including taxiways, runways and thresholds. In addition, the customized human machine interface (HMI) offers built-in permission and accessibility-based settings that provide each ATCO the ability to manage the PTZ functionality that includes defined preset locations. The solution eliminates blind spots and enables the ATCOs to better manage airfield operations with a high degree of confidence.

“Close collaboration with NAV CANADA has led to another successful deployment of our technology to remotely monitor and manage traffic,” says Alex Sauriol, Chief Technology Officer, Searidge Technologies. “We offer a complete remote tower solution that is modular and flexible. Because of that, we are able to apply various features from our technology toolbox to solve blind-spot or line-of-site issues faced by both airports and ANSPs.”



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