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Canadian client buys Falcon 900DX from IBA

The International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) has announced the sale of a Falcon 900DX to a Canadian purchaser on behalf of a private client. The IBA have been involved in the remarketing of the aircraft as well as the technical project management and subsequent delivery at TAG U.K.’s facility at Farnborough Airport.

August 11, 2015  By International Bureau of Aviation

Commenting on the outcome, Ken Sewell, IBA’s head of aircraft transaction management says, “We are very pleased to successfully conclude this project and sale. IBA’s extensive experience of working with the regulatory authorities, combined with our strong knowledge of the manufacturer and the aircraft type, helped to streamline all the aspects of the transaction enabling us to achieve buyer and seller pricing expectations.”
Jonathan McDonald of IBA’s Corporate Aircraft Valuations adds, “The Dassault Falcon 900DX is part of a very successful family of heavy category business jets. However, with its slightly lower range capability than the EX/Easy family aircraft and relatively small fleet size, it represented more of a challenge for IBA to remarket.   Our research suggests that the global fleet size of the Falcon 900DX is 25 units, whereas the Falcon 900EX/Easy has a fleet size of 240 units.  A significant proportion of the Falcon 900DX fleet (33%) appears to be US based, with the remainder mainly in Europe.  There are however a few aircraft in Lebanon, Nigeria, UAE, Canada and China which enabled IBA to explore various sales opportunities given the spread of global demand.”
Owen Geach, Chief Commercial Officer concludes, “This successful sale demonstrates IBA’s global network and professional capabilities to both technically manage and sell commercial and corporate aircraft of all types.  This is the team’s sixth such business aircraft sale in the past two years.”


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