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CBAA ups its international advocacy

The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) is moving forward with international advocacy relating to Ops Specs to foreign private operators and EASA’s (European Aviation Safety Agency) third party operator (TCO) ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards requirements.

November 8, 2016  By CBAA

Regarding Op Specs, neither the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) nor Transport Canada (TC) has a regulation that permits them to issue operations specifications to foreign private operators. The CBAA is advocating for a general FAA waiver and a global TC exemption to provide for a method and associated conditions for the FAA and TC to issue operations specifications to CAR 604 and Part 91 foreign private operators.

Regarding EASA’s TCO requirements, the FAA and TC require all foreign commercial operators to meet ICAO standards to operate in their jurisdictions. The EASA, the FAA and TC domestic regulations are not always the same as ICAO standards; however, the overall regulatory framework they provide exceeds ICAO requirements or, in a few situations, provides for at least an equivalent level of safety to what is required by ICAO standards. The CBAA is working unilaterally as well as with it international counterparts to ensure that EASA, the FAA and TC formally recognize each others’ regulatory framework as meeting or exceeding ICAO standards by waiving/exempting each others’ commercial operators from meeting ICAO standards provided they meet domestic standards.


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