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Cessna rolls out Citation 10

April 16, 2013, Wichita, Kan. - Fresh off the production line and ready for take off. Cessna Aircraft Company rolled out its latest aircraft the Citation 10.

April 16, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

The Citation 10 is hailed the fastest civilian aircraft in the world and this may be the boost the aviation industry has been looking for.


“I want to recognize all the efforts and all the hard work,” said Ron
Draper, Cessna Senior Vice President of Integrated Supply Chain.



More than a year and a half of hard work reaches a new level for more
than 100  Cessna engineers and assembly workers Monday morning.


Waiting on the other end is the production model of the Citation 10.


The announcement to upgrade the Citation came nearly two years ago.
Cessna engineers wanted to upgrade the jet to maximize its potential
which is speed.


“Of course we would all like the market to be better,” said Draper.
“But one way you get the market to be better is come out with new


The jet is better in performance, larger in size, has more cabin space, and advanced technology.


This is the fourth planned product rolled out by Cessna so far this year, and two more are expected.


“Aircraft cost a lot of money and they represent a major investment
so when a company commits to something like this that’s good news,” said
Aerospace and Engineer Professor Scott Miller, Wichita State
University. “It says they feel excited about the future and the
possibilities. ”


Things are looking towards the sky for the aviation industry in Wichita, with major aircraft manufacturers adding jobs in recent weeks.


Beechcraft Corporation is looking to add around 80 administrative and
engineering positions, while Airbus is expanding its downtown office in
Old Town.


Airbus is hoping to make more space for potential new employees.


“A lot of them are going to be retired in the near future and so they
need the baby boomers with a lot of younger new students especially
while the older ones are still there,” said Miller.


Experts believe with the direction of the industry the need for engineers is stronger than ever.


“We think that’s going to help us in the market place our customers
and really stimulate further demand and create more jobs here in
Wichita,” said Draper.


Sources tell KSN News a number of orders have been placed for the Citation 10.


The first jet could be shipped out by the end of the year pending certification.


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