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Challenger 605 upgrade enhances operational flexibility

May 22, 2013, Montreal - Bombardier Aerospace announced today that it has further enhanced operational capability of its Challenger 605 jet with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification of its improved Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (BEVS).

May 22, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

This system, which is already certified by Canada's Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCAA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), features the most advanced enhanced vision technology providing enhanced situational awareness and operational flexibility.

The BEVS consists of a Head-up Guidance System (HGS) and a forward-looking infrared camera. The HGS improves crew situational awareness by providing key flight parameters to the pilot while looking out the window. The infrared camera provides an overlay image of the outside environment, including terrain, runway, other aircraft and animals on the HGS, as well as on the co-pilot's multi-function display. This capability further increases safety during taxi, take-off and approach in low visibility conditions.

Acknowledged by pilots flying Global aircraft equipped with the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck, BEVS is also recognized by the main certification authorities (FAA, EASA & TCCA) for operational credits by granting lower decision heights or reduced runway visual ranges during approach, therefore improving operational flexibility and reducing probability of a go-around due to weather diversions.

"The Challenger 605 jet is a true workhorse in operation all over the world in varying climates and environments," explained Stephane Leblanc, vice president and general manager, Challenger, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "Now with the optional BEVS available to all operators, this aircraft offers an even more attractive platform for corporate missions."


Challenger 605 aircraft: The revered Challenger 605 jet builds upon the legacy of productivity, quality and reliability of its predecessor, the peerless Challenger 604 jet, leading its market share segment throughout the world. Featuring one of the widest stand-up cabins of any large category business jet available today it can soar six passengers 4,000 nm (7,408 km); from Geneva to Montreal, and also from Geneva to Kathmandu.


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