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Charles Bombardier’s supersonic Antipode would alter BizJet landscape

Canadian industrial designer Charles Bombardier created quite a stir with the Skreemr—a supersonic transport concept designed to shuttle commercial passengers between continents at Mach 10.

January 29, 2016  By Forbes

Despite its appeal, the futuristic notion had a few shortcomings—most pressingly the imagined craft’s inability to mitigate the resulting sonic boom, not to mention the heat that would accumulate on its nose and wings upon rapidly accelerating. “I am not sure the materials able to withstand the heat, pressure, and structural stress for this application have been invented yet,” Bombardier confessed in an earlier interview.

Shortly after the Skreemr made its debut, however, a possible solution to both problems came to light. ”I was contacted by [Wyle engineer and former Department of Defense RIAC director] Joseph Hazeltine, who proposed using a novel aerodynamic phenomenon called ‘long penetration mode (LPM),’” he reveals. | READ MORE


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