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CHC’s Amelio stresses need for predictive safety tools

March 19, 2013, Vancouver - Bill Amelio, CEO of CHC Helicopter Corporation opened this year's CHC Safety Summit, the company's ninth iteration of its world class and industry leading safety gathering. This year has opened with over 800 registered delegates from six continents – Antarctica where are you? – and a first rate lineup of speakers.

March 19, 2013
By Walter Heneghan Vice President Safety & Quality

Amelio highlighted the stated goal of this year's conference – Building an Accident free legacy. His comments highlighted CHC's leading safety statistics which are 30 times better than the general helicopter population.

search with this year's conference is to explore the use of predictive
tools in daily operations to help identify the where and when of the
next major event.

"Can we use an analytical safety approach to
prevent events with that have a low probability of occurring but that
carry a high risk?" he asked.

Amelio effectively tied in last year's theme of Talent, Training and Trust as keystones of successful operations.


Wrapping up, he addressed the need to identify the "red flags" in order to avoid the unpredictable event – "the black swan".