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Chorus launches Cygnet Aviation Academy

April 13, 2023  By Wings Staff

Chorus Aviation on March 28 announced the launch of Cygnet Aviation Academy, based in Kingston, Ontario, describing it as a first of its kind pilot academy in Canada in terms of flight training with direct access to career opportunities.

Cygnet, in collaboration with CAE, is designed to provide an all-in-one, 20-month program on modern aircraft, flight training devices, and full flight simulators, allowing cadets to earn an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (iATPL) and acquire an airline specific type rating.

“We have long recognized the need to support the development of future pilots and we are thrilled to be working with a fantastic Canadian company like CAE to build an industry leading training center in Canada,” said Colin Copp, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chorus. “Furthermore, I am very pleased to announce Lynne McMullen as Cygnet’s President. Lynne has spent her entire career developing and advancing flight training programs and curriculums and we are fortunate to have such a well-respected innovator as Lynne leading Cygnet.”

Lynne McMullen has more than 25 years of experience in flight training related positions, including as a flight instructor and pilot examiner. Prior to joining Chorus, she held leadership positions with Seneca College School of Aviation, culminating in the Director, Strategic Development role, where she was instrumental in developing training and recruitment programs with the RCAF and several Canadian airlines. McMullen is active with several aviation industry boards including the Air Transport Association of Canada and the Aviation Accreditation Board International.


“Cygnet and CAE will combine high-technology and leading-edge digital education and training to prepare direct-entry-ready First Officers for Canadian airlines,” said McMullen. “We’re excited to collaborate with Transport Canada to deliver a competency-based training model in support of cutting-edge programs for the next generation of aviation professionals. The launch of Cygnet establishes an organization dedicated to developing airline ready First Officers from start to finish, using state of the art Diamond Aircraft and flight simulation training devices.”

Designed for individuals with little to no flight experience, cadets will spend 18 months at Cygnet in Kingston with access to what the flight academy describes as state-of-the-art training methods, scenario-based flight simulation training, and airline pilot mentorship. Upon completion of the Integrated Airline Transport License, cadets will transfer to a CAE training facility to complete their type rating.

“With demand for pilots at unprecedented levels, we look forward to working with Cygnet to train more aviators and provide a direct path to becoming a commercial pilot,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation. “As part of the program, cadets will train on CAE’s advanced full-flight simulators where they will acquire the skill and confidence to begin a career as a first officer.”

The first class of cadets is already underway with regular intakes throughout 2023 and beyond.


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