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CJIG speaks out in defence of F-35 program

The Canadian Joint Industry Group (CJIG) representing companies across the country has spoken out today about the importance of the F-35 Program to their businesses. The group was responding to recent media reports about the F-35, which has become a hot button issue in the upcoming Federal election.

September 25, 2015  By Canadian JSF Industry Group

The Government’s participation in the F-35 program has provided Canada’s aerospace companies with opportunities that were only available to countries participating in the program. The F-35 program has created new, long term high technology employment in Canada’s aerospace industry, and Canadian industry has achieved global recognition for its participation and achievements on the program to date. The program is currently expected to produce 53,000 person years of employment in Canada over 20 years.

This is a direct result of Canada’s participation on the program. Maintaining the current levels of industrial participation, and realizing the planned future growth, is at risk if the Canadian Government is not a partner on the program.

The manufacturing taking place in Canada for F-35 production is state-of-the-art which will provide opportunities on future aerospace programs. Investments in advanced manufacturing technologies, capital, and facilities, have been made by Canadian aerospace companies to enable the production of F-35 components. The F-35 is starting its life cycle, and therefore maximizes the opportunities for Canadian industry for life cycle support activities.

The F-35 program has delivered economic benefits to Canada in a difficult economic period. Canadian industry has secured approximately $750M in initial production contracts. The current potential of the production for the program in Canada is $11B, and future opportunities exist for Canadian industry for the global sustainment of this aircraft over its lifetime. If Canada does not buy the F-35, these opportunities and future technological advancements, will be in jeopardy of being lost to other countries. Current and future jobs will be lost to countries that buy the F-35.



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