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C&L to sell SLA Saab 340 battery in Canada

C&L Aerospace, part of C&L Aviation Group, received Transport Canada Civil Aviation approval for Securaplane Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries, for Saab 340 aircraft. Securaplane Technologies is a Meggitt PLC Company based in the UK.

June 18, 2018  By Wings Staff

In 2017, C&L Aerospace and Securaplane announced the battery’s Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), as well as its FAA and EASA approval. Now with TCCA approval, the battery can be installed on Saab 340 Aircraft registered in Canada.  

“We’ve converted a number of fleets around the globe to the SLA battery program, and our Canadian customers are excited to now convert their fleets as well,” said Martin Cooper, VP of sales, C&L Aerospace. “There are many cost savings in maintenance, shipping, installation, and operation with this battery.”

In conjunction with the STC, Securaplane and C&L have entered into an agreement that designates C&L as the worldwide Saab 340 Securaplane SLA Mainship battery distributor. The company’ describe the non-hazardous SLA batteries as maintenance-free, providing strong hot and cold weather performance, and the ability to recover from deep discharge. They can directly replace existing Ni-cad batteries.



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