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Location: Peterborough, Ontario
Company: Flying Colours Corp.
Posted on July 12, 2022

General Accountability

To safely, and efficiently build and finish various cabinets, galleys, lavatories, wardrobes, tables, and other interior furnishings in accordance with the customers requests, engineered drawings, and completion / finish specifications.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Cabinetmakers / Finishers are expected to work safely and efficiently at all times.
  • Candidates should have general knowledge of aircraft cabinets and components, including repairing, modifying, refurbishing, and fabricating aircraft cabinets, as well as stripping and re-covering cabinets with new veneer or laminate is an asset.
  • Incumbents fabricate and build various cabinets, galleys, lavatories, wardrobes, tables, closets and related interior components in accordance with customer requests, engineering drawings, and completion specifications.
  • In addition to working with wood components and high-grade veneers, incumbents also work with composite and other light-weight components and materials.
  • Candidates must be able to understand and work from blueprints as well as other written instructions and design specifications.
  • Strong mathematical knowledge is required, as is the ability to make accurate measurements and finish materials to a high level of quality and precision.
  • Incumbents must be able to work with engineers and calculate weight & balance data (asset) and must be familiar with a variety of hand tools, woodworking machinery and ideally, CNC automation (asset).

Other tasks and assignments include:

Veneer cabinetry

  • Cutting veneer panels to size on saw
  • Laying out veneer to match grain
  • Gluing material down w/ spray gun or brush
  • Trimming off veneer using router in a table jig / hand router

Fabricate cabinetry

  • Assemble precut panels edge fill all open edges and sand flush (hand sand or orbital sander)
  • Cut wood trims and bond onto cabinet (make use of saw/ wood glue and clamps)
  • Set up hinges and drawer slides

Build up cabinetry

  • Reassemble cabinetry after finish process is complete.
  • Screwing items back together (screw-driver/ drill)
    installing lights, latches, other small items (use of hand tools)
  • Weighing cabinets and document Part number and serial numbers
  • Gather screws and put into card board for paint

Sand material for finish process

  • Hand sand or sand with orbital power sander
  • Wipe off or blow off dust with damp cloth or air-gun
  • Edge fill any rough areas using putty knife and mixing board, then sand flush by hand

Finish Process

  • Apply lacquer, clear coats and finishes to finished product surfaces ensuring consistent application and coverage (applied by hand and/or spray equipment)
  • Repair / prepare surface between coats for additional finishing
  • Inspect for high quality, clear consistent finish result
  • Performs work in a productive, diligent, careful and safe manner.
  • Complete any special projects or other tasks as required or assigned. May be assigned to other areas of operations, based on business or customer requirements.

Works in compliance with all Administrative, Health & Safety policies and procedures as per legislative requirements and as outlined in Company policies.

Experience and Education Requirements

Applicants with aerospace / aviation experience are preferred. Applicants must have extensive, practical wood-working, surface preparation, finishing and cabinetry experience. In addition to a High School Diploma or equivalent (minimum), preference given to candidates with additional trade certification or education in woodworking, woodwork manufacturing or millwork.


  • Excellent planning, organization and coordination skills.
  • Excellent judgment, strong attention to detail.

Working Conditions

  • Regular periods during which physical effort is required, e.g., walking standing, stooping, climbing, lifting material or equipment, some of which may be heavy or awkward.
  • Exposure to factors such as temperature variations/extremes, chemicals, fumes, moving machinery, humidity, and materials which can cause periods of discomfort.
  • Frequent need to give concentrated attention, with one or two senses at a time, where stimuli are changing.
  • Occasional direct and indirect pressure from deadlines, production quotas, accuracy or similar demands.

Flying Colours Corp. is proud to participate in the Legislated Employment Equity Program (LEEP). We welcome applications from all qualified candidates including candidates representing the four designated groups: Women, member of Visible Minorities, Aboriginal Peoples and Persons with Disabilities.

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