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Location: Canada
Company: Inland Group
Posted on December 22, 2020

The Inland Group provides airport and airline support services for numerous customers at more than 55 airport locations throughout Canada, the United States as well as in the UK and Switzerland.

We are growing and we want to talk to qualified leaders who are able to use their well-rounded and respected leadership knowledge, skill and ability in an upcoming start-up and on-going operation in Canada.

If you have experience managing an aircraft deicing or spent ADF reclamation/recycling operation, we want to talk to you.  Please reach out to us to express your interest Confidentially by responding to the questions provided by visiting our career page

About The Inland Group:

Safety is first in everything we do.

We operate under three well-respected brands.  The highlights of our core business operations include:  IDS – our aircraft deicing/anti-icing team; Inland Technologies – our spent ADF reclamation/recycling and manufacturing team; and, Quantem Aviation Services – our ground handling, passenger handling and cargo team.

We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by focusing on safety, continuous process improvement, teamwork and innovation.

We are a member of the Bragg Group of Companies which includes companies such as Oxford Frozen Foods and Eastlink.

We’ve been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

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