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Location: Thunder Bay, ON
Company: AirSuite Inc.
Posted on May 4, 2022

AirSuite offers interesting and exciting opportunities within a unique field that combines software development and aviation. Using modern technology to streamline the flight operations process, our aim is to be the go-to solution for small and medium sized operators everywhere. Our flagship product, Cirro, gives operators access to important fleet and crew specific details, putting all aspects of flight planning, scheduling, documentation, safety and reporting into the palm of the pilot’s hand.

Since we’re few and the challenges are many, we all wear more than one hat. Here, we’re looking for someone who has some experience or interest in aviation, is tech friendly, and can provide professional product support as the first point of client contact.


You should…

– Have an interest in aviation, possibly a licensed pilot or maintenance engineer. This is not a flying role, but you’ll need to be able to ‘talk the talk’ and understand the clients needs.
– Have some knowledge of aviation regulations (Canada and USA preferred)
– Have worked with iOS and Android devices
– Have skills in Microsoft Excel

It would be nice if…

– You had experience with customer service, quality assurance testing, or product support
– You had experience with basic development, JSON format strings
– You had experience with GitHub

Your Job

– Perform product demonstrations to prospective clients, tailored to their needs
– Perform new account setups
– Perform training on new accounts, most often online, with some on-site support
– Provide professional support for all users through email and phone
– Act as a client liaison to the development team, clearly communicating known product ‘bugs’ and ‘feature requests’ into a central repository
– Provide a quality assurance review on newly developed features or bug fixes prior to release

Your Benefits

– Salary ranging between CAD 50k and 60k depending on your skill level.
– 40h per week
– Company Health plan with 80% coverage on Medication, Dental and Vision.
– 15 days of paid vacation per year

Work Environment

AirSuite Inc. is an equal-opportunity employer. It is our aim to home-grow our team, so we consider any posting an opportunity to enable a life-time career. AirSuite is a remote-friendly, flexible team. We’re happy to see you, whether on-screen or in person. At the moment, we are all working from home.


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