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CMC electronics to display Cockpit 4000 at CANSEC 2015

Ottawa - Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) is highlighting its Cockpit 4000 NexGen avionics technology demonstrator as well as its TacView Portable Mission Display in the company’s booth (# 905) at CANSEC 2015.

May 26, 2015  By CMC Electroncis

The Cockpit 4000 NexGen is a configurable glass cockpit designed for military trainer, light attack and Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR)/Attack aircraft. It features CMC’s SparrowHawk digital Head-Up Display, a Large Area Display (LAD) with touchscreen and an open architecture mission computer.  These powerful core avionics ensure optimized information management and support of net-centric operations.

The LAD delivers a streamlined presentation tailored to the pilot’s display preference. The LAD can be easily configured across multiple windows for the integration of tactical data sources such as FLIR and tactical datalink or to enable quick moding to set up Air-to-Air or Air-to-Ground data management.  The Cockpit 4000 NexGen can provide pilots with instant access to critical data, allowing them to effectively manage information in the cockpit and maintain situational awareness.

Greg Yeldon, president of Esterline CMC Electronics, stated: “Our customers are looking for ways to download their advanced flying training onto less expensive basic or intermediate platforms.  Their ultimate goal is to have better trained pilots, who are trained more rapidly and at a cost that is far less than conventional training.  With CMC’s Cockpit 4000 NexGen and our proven Cockpit 4000 which is already flying on several major trainer and light attack platforms, we can expose students to advanced cockpit management concepts as well as advanced avionics representative of front-line fighters.  Student pilots currently trained with a CMC equipped cockpit such as the T-6B and T-6C, KT-1C and KT-1T, Hawk Mk51 and MK66, will experience a seamless transition as they advance to a lead-in fighter trainer or a fifth-generation fighter such as the JSF F-35.”

CANSEC attendees are also invited to see a demonstration of CMC’s TacView® Portable Mission Display. Designed for use in harsh environments, the TacView® system increases crew efficiency by hosting applications that provide situational awareness and reduce cockpit workload. TacView can interface with a number of radio and Satcom data link systems, and provide access to moving maps, mission planning systems, approach plates, checklists, flight and maintenance manuals, as well as host any Windows® based applications. Designed for autonomous operation, TacView can be installed and removed in seconds. It provides the means to quickly deploy new capability and functionality at a fraction of the time and cost of alternative systems.



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