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Cockpit camera system introduced at Quebec school

March 18, 2011, Montreal - As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence in the field of aviation, A.L.M. Par Avion flight school has introduced a new digital video technology to help students improve their technical performance.

March 18, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

A.L.M. Par Avion is Canada’s first flight school to introduce this cockpit camera system, which
promises to transform traditional approaches to pilot training.


Beginner and experienced pilots can now benefit from this state-of-the-art technology to review and improve their flight technique. An invaluable teaching tool, the camera system captures pilot and aircraft movements in real time for a multiple-perspective view of the entire flight. Back on the ground, students can replay their flight video with their instructor or save a copy to watch at home. These flight videos are an exceptional development tool that delivers concrete results. The satisfaction rate is very high and users are unanimous: it’s a true revolution in the world of pilot training.

A.L.M. Par Avion’s latest initiative is yet another example of the organisation’s desire to offer high-quality, high technology service. A dynamic and growing firm, A.L.M. Par Avion is also the first Québec flight school to contribute to offsetting carbon emissions produced by its business activities.



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