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Conklin & de Decker’s 2009 Aircraft Cost Evalutator release sets standard for turbulent times

April 7, 2009 – Orleans, Massachusetts – Conklin & de Decker’s latest Aircraft Cost Evaluator Volume 1 release is now available and delivers up-to-date operating cost data to help subscribers stay ahead in these turbulent times.

April 7, 2009  By Administrator

Conklin & de Decker’s latest Aircraft Cost Evaluator Volume 1 release is now available and delivers up-to-date operating cost data to help subscribers stay ahead in these turbulent times. Aircraft Cost Evaluator is an effective benchmarking tool and part of a family of aircraft operating and acquisition data products developed by Conklin & de Decker addressing more than 490 jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft. 

The latest 2009 Aircraft Cost Evaluator (ACE) release added more aircraft including the all new Honda Jet that is forecasted to be certified in 2010.  The King Air 350ER, Cirrus SR22 GTS Turbo and Mooney Acclaim Type S were also added in this release.  This new version of ACE also includes the ability to add CO2 offset costs, a new download capability from the Members Only section with or without the library and a simpler print option with pop-up print box.

The Aircraft Cost Evaluator has been referred to as the industry standard and assists aircraft owners, operators, brokers and dealers with side-by-side operating cost and performance comparisons.  ACE helps users make critical decisions during these economic times on aircraft acquisitions whether you are downsizing to a smaller more economical asset or taking advantage of the market with a larger aircraft purchase or trade.  The most extensive operating cost database, ACE is now used by AMSTAT, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Robb Report, and Business Jet Traveler. 

With ACE, users can quickly compare up to three aircraft side-by-side, edit nearly two dozen variables, change currencies, and change measurement units to customize reports allowing users to compare their local costs and salaries.  A query function allows the user to narrow the selection to those that meet specific performance criteria.


“Many owners and operators are looking for ways to take advantage of the current aircraft market and our benchmarking tool can give them a quick and accurate snapshot of the aircraft operating costs they need to compare,” commented Bill de Decker, President of Conklin & de Decker.  “This release is even more user-friendly and now includes CO2 offset costs.”

The price for the latest edition of Aircraft Cost Evaluator is $625 for Jets, $550 for Turboprops or Helicopters and $450 for the Piston database.  Updated twice each year, the cost includes the original CD plus one free update.  Handbooks are available for an additional $75 each.  Discounts for multiple databases run from $100 to $300. Customized reports for individual aircraft can be special ordered for $75 per aircraft with a 20% discount for multiple aircraft. In addition, multiple user licenses are available.

Conklin & de Decker is a leader in aviation research, consulting and education with offices in Orleans, Massachusetts, Arlington, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona.  The company, founded in 1984, focuses on fixed- and rotary- wing aircraft operating cost, performance and specification databases, maintenance management software, financial management, fleet planning, market research, aviation tax issues, and financial, tax and management seminars.  Conklin & de Decker consults worldwide with numerous individuals, corporations and government agencies on fleet planning, ownership structures, tax planning, cost & budget analysis and financial planning.  For more information on their products and services please go to


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