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CTA to get passenger input on new regs

Canadians will soon have their say on the future of airline passenger rights with the Canadian Transportation Agency planning broad public consultations on new regulations.

June 7, 2017  By CBC News

The consultations will launch once Bill C-49, known as the Transportation Modernization Act, is passed in parliament, and comes at a time of rising complaints about the state of air travel.

Scott Streiner, CEO of the CTA, said in a speech in Calgary Wednesday that the agency is planning for two to three months of public consultations that will include online discussions, written submissions, and day-long open sessions across the country.

He said the regulations will focus on creating more clarity about passenger rights and consistent requirements across airlines when it comes to compensation for passengers who have suffered because  to issues like cancelled flights and lost luggage.

“So that Canadians don’t have to chase after these tariffs, read the legalese, try to figure out what they’re entitled to,” he told the Calgary Eyeopener.


“I think in the future what we’re going to aim for is a system where the rights of travellers are clearer and easier to access.”

The agency aims to have the new rules in place in 2018.

Streiner said airlines are already starting to make their compensation policies easier to find and read, while Transportation Minister Marc Garneau has urged airlines ensure children can be seated next to a parent at no extra charge and stop bumping passengers before regulations are finalized.

Bill C-49, which started a second reading on Monday, covers a wide range of rail, marine, and air regulations including instructing the CTA to set new rules on minimum compensation and financial penalties for airlines that don’t comply.


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