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CTT announces Zonal Drying deal for 14 737-800s.

CTT Systems AB (CTT), the market leader in aircraft humidity control systems, has announced a Zonal Drying order for additional 14 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s from Pobeda Airlines (a low-cost airline in the Aeroflot Group) to be line fitted from February 2018.

July 28, 2017  By CTT Systems AB

Peter Landquist, VP sales and marketing, CTT Systems AB, noted: “We are privileged to receive an additional order from Pobeda Airlines. The retrofit installations previously with Pobeda have proven the benefits from mastering the root-cause of condensation. These systems will be line fitted in new aircraft to prevent weight gain from accumulated water/ice accretion (which increases fuel and CO2 burn) and to reduce other moisture problems, such as electrical failures.”

The Zonal Drying Anti-Condensation System has the following advantages:

• Lower fuel burn and CO2/NOX emissions from excess weight reduction of 200-300 kg of accumulated water in Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 aircraft
• Higher operational reliability from significantly lower moisture related faults in electrical equipment (reduced out-of-service time).
 Lower rate of insulation blanket replacement.



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