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Curt Lewis & Associates partner with Sextant Readings Solutions

March 16, 2011, Fort Worth, Tx. - Curt Lewis & Associates (CL&A), LLC and Sextant Readings Solutions Inc. announces they have formed a partnership to enhance their solution offerings to their customers and prospects.

March 16, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

With the rapid movement in the aviation industry to implement and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS), this partnership enables aviation service providers to take advantage of a full suite of SMS services and tools from program design through implementation, training and systemization.

Bob Trevelyan, Sextant Readings’ President, said the partnership demonstrates “our commitment to enhancing safety and compliance in the global aviation industry. The relationship with Curt Lewis and Associates further extends our depth of experience and capabilities to support the critically important move to SMS in the aviation industry.”

Curt Lewis & Associates strong consultative services, safety training, system safety audit capabilities, and SMS implementation support will be further enabledby Sextant Readings’aviation consultative services and delivery of the Q-Pulse integrated management solution developed by Gael Ltd. Q-Pulse, the leading integrated management solution for Safety, Compliance and Quality management, supports key compliance activities such as Audit Management, Document Management and Occurrence Reporting in the highly regulated aviation environment. Curt Lewis & Associates team members will utilize Q-Pulse in their audit and support activities.

Darwin Copsey, Curt Lewis & Associates’ Vice President stated “the user interface for Q-Pulse makes it user friendly while providing an increased level of security and control as a result of not requiring air operators to store their sensitive data in public web hosting facilities. This also gives the user full ability to work while disconnected from the company network.”


Sextant Readings Solutions Inc. brings over 30 years of aviation experience as well as its strategic relationship with Gael Ltd., developer of the globally recognized Q-Pulse Safety, Compliance and Quality Management software tools and services. Q-Pulse, the result of 20 years development, is the world leader in safety, quality and risk management software with over 2,500 installations globally. Thanks to the Sextant Readings and Curt Lewis & Associates partnership, we are positioned to support certificated aviation companies as they face the challenges of increased regulatory oversight and to optimize costs related to system safety.

Curt Lewis, Curt Lewis & Associates President, stated “I believe that the Q-Pulse solution strength and ease of use, continuous enhancement approach and realistic pricing strategies, will significantly empower safety culture in America’s aviation service providers.”


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