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Daher-Socata highlights model TBM 850 2009

ebace09_01May 19, 2009 – Geneva, Switzerland, DAHER-SOCATA attended last week’s European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) with the latest version of its TBM 850 – the very fast turboprop aircraft that continues to be upgraded with new features, and is backed by an enhanced customer support program.

May 19, 2009  By Melissa Damota


May 19, 2009 – Daher-Socata is attending this week’s European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) with the latest version of its TBM 850 – the very fast turboprop aircraft that continues to be upgraded with new features, and is backed by an enhanced customer support program.

Displayed at Geneva’s Palexpo Convention Center is the Model Year 2009 TBM 850 demonstrator, which carries Daher-Socata’s new “High Flyer” standard paint scheme and integrates the optional Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) for its Garmin G1000 all-glass integrated flight deck.

In addition, Daher-Socata’s distributor network is now making the F.A.S.T (Fly and Share Your TBM) co-ownership program available for prospective European TBM 850 customers – offering the opportunity to purchase a one-third or two-thirds share of a brand-new TBM 850 on a co-ownership basis. This follows F.A.S.T.’s recent launch in North America, and provides a minimum 100 days of exclusive TBM 850 use per year for a one-third share on an unlimited flight hour basis, which differs from traditional fractional programs requiring the purchase of annual flight hours that are either used or lost.

“The 2009 EBACE is being held at a critical juncture for the business aviation sector, when owners and operators are seeking efficiency, capability, value and speed,” said
Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of Daher-Socata’s Airplane Division. “This is reflected by the latest General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) sales figures – which show overall turboprop aircraft sales are holding up during the current global crisis. Additionally, our own numbers reflect a strengthening of the European market for the TBM family, which now represents a 23 percent share of the worldwide fleet.”


At an EBACE news conference, Daher-Socata outlined its Customer
Support Excellence initiative, which covers four main areas:

  • Improved communication with customers – The
  • customer and network-dedicated website provides newsletters, participation in
  • technical forums, and the organization of conferences on specific issues;
  • Parts distribution enhancement – Daher-Socata implemented an
  • automated online ordering system last year. Today, 85 percent of parts are
  • ordered using this system;
  • Technical documentation – Daher-Socata offers free online access to all TBM
  • maintenance documentation via the website. This helps TBM
  • service centers and mechanics reduce maintenance costs. The no-charge
  • policy for this documentation is quite unique in the aviation industry;
  • Maintenance progress – Initiatives include a less costly periodic inspection
  • for the main landing gear, and a simplified procedure for RVSM approvals;
  • The TBM 850 is available via Daher-Socata’s existing direct sales and
  • distribution network, and is supported by its extensive worldwide network of service
  • centers. Since its launch in 2005, the TBM 850 has become an international
  • success – with more than 200 aircraft sold, and 158 delivered to date to customers
  • around the globe.

As the world’s fastest single engine turboprop, the TBM 850 has a maximum cruise
speed of 320 KTAS at 26,000 ft. (in ISA conditions). The TBM 850 is an 850-shp
version of SOCATA’s proven six-seat TBM 700 turboprop business aircraft, and it
combines the cruising speed and travel times typical of light jets with economical
direct operating costs, while offering the range and excellent payload capacity of
turboprop aircraft.

About Daher-Socata
Daher is a European integrated equipment and services supplier.
In addition to aerospace, Daher specializes in three other sectors: nuclear, defense
and industries. Daher is developing in three fields of expertise: manufacturing,
services and transport, which enable it to offer a comprehensive package.

Daher-Socata is one of the world’s leading general aviation manufacturers, with
more than 17,000 aircraft built since its creation as Morane-Saulnier in 1911. Current
products include the TBM 850 high-speed turboprop aircraft, aerostructures for
Airbus civil airliners, the A400M military transporter, Dassault Falcon jets, Eurocopter
helicopters and Embraer regional jets.

Daher-Socata is expanding its customer service activities to support its growing
fleet of TBMs and offer its light aviation expertise for aircraft below 19,000 lbs
(8.6 metric tons) through avionics modernization, maintenance, repair and overall
package offers.

Founded in 1863, Daher is a family-run, independent international group, with more
than 7,000 employees and 12 international installations (four in Western Europe,
three in Eastern Europe, two in North America, two in Africa and one in Australia).
Daher will exceed a €850 million turnover in 2009.
For more information, visit and

TBM Program Milestones

  • 1988: First flight of the TBM 700 prototype.
  • 1990: Certification and first customer delivery of the TBM 700, world’s first civilian pressurized turboprop certified.
  • 1991: TBM 700 ordered by the French Air Force for liaison duties, 20 aircraft are purchased.
  • 1992: A TBM 700 is selected as the shuttle for the International Olympics Committee at the Courchevel Mountain airport during Winter Olympics Games.
  • 1993: “Around the world in less than 80 hours” by a TBM 700 – With the crew of
  • Jacques Lemaigre du Breuil, Nicolas Gorodiche and Olivier Waisblat.
  • 1994: Lindbergh Trophy, New York – Paris direct flight in a TBM 700 in 10 hr 54 min. 41 seconds pilot: J. Lemaigre du Breuil.
  • French Army Aviation (ALAT) orders five TBM 700.
  • TBM 700 is the first single-engine turboprop approved for Public Transport in Canada.
  • 1997: Launch of the TBM 700B, with large door and optional pilot door.
  • 1999: TBM 700B Freighter version go-ahead; ALAT (French Army Aviation) orders three.
  • TBM 700Bs
  • 2000: First civilian fleet order from Jetfly, fractional ownership operator
  • 2001: Quest Diagnostics orders a fleet of 6 TBM 700B Freighter for medical sample transport.
  • 2003: TBM 700C2 increased maximum takeoff weight version introduced.
  • 2005: TBM 850 Launch announcement.
  • 2006: First deliveries of the TBM 850.
  • 2007: Garmin selected to design an integrated all-glass flight deck for the TBM 850.
  • 2008: Introduction of the TBM 850 with the G1000 integrated all-glass flight deck.

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