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Drones not for girls too?: the U.K perspective

The U.K.’s leading drone training academy is joining in with Women of Aviation Week in a bid to encourage more females to join the rapidly growing sector. In support of the international event, UAVAir will step up to its responsibilities as a national leader in drone training, making an active effort to level the gender playing field and help women earn their wings.

March 8, 2016  By UAVAir

Flying out of locations across the U.K., UAVAir offers unique courses that have been designed and refined by a world class team of aviators and drone operators. Despite having put over 150 students through training, UAV Air has less than five female alumni. On the fringe of Women of Aviation Week, UAVAir is calling on females to step up, and elevate their aviation dreams to the next level.

Scheduled for March 7 to 13, Women of Aviation Week exists to celebrate the achievements of female aviators, and raise awareness for opportunities available to ladies of all ages. Fittingly, the event date corresponds with the March 8 anniversary of the world’s first female pilot license, acquired in 1910. The aviation industry has come a long way in gender diversification, however there is still plenty of ground to cover before equality is achieved. As Britain’s leading drone training academy, UAVAir is calling on women to leverage new opportunities and shake up the male dominated industry.

Helen Cope, Marketing Manager at UAVAir said, “The expertise we offer at UAVAir is second to none, and we’d love to see more women get on-board. There’s absolutely no reason why a career in aviation should be gender limited, and throughout Women of Aviation Week we’ll be doing everything we can to attract more ladies to the sector.”

The movement had won support from a range of leading aviation ladies, including Dr Sue Wolfe, chartered engineer and Project Manager for Project AIRSTART on behalf of ARPAS-U.K.. As the embodiment of everything Women of Aviation Week stands for, Dr Wolfe is a wholehearted supporter of the cause.


“Women are becoming increasingly prominent in a myriad of careers, from military pilots and commercial airline aviators to engineers and aerial drone cinematographers. It’s great to see groups such as UAVAir actively encouraging women to enter the industry, and take their careers to the sky,” says Sue.

Emma Boswell, founder of professional UAS venture The Helicopter Girls is another advocate, commenting, “It’s fantastic to see women making a mark in the aviation sector, and we’ve always been a passionate supporter of Women of Aviation Week.”


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