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Drones not welcome in Dubai airspace: safety hazard

Dubai, U.A.E. - The emirate has introduced more restrictions on the use of drones as part of revised aviation laws to enhance airspace safety and security.

April 17, 2015  By The National

Law No 7 of 2015, on aviation safety, authorises the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCCA) to specify the airspace for general aviation and the rules governing the use of laser, fireworks, light beams and drones.

The law regulates the activities of the civil aviation industry, applies best practices to ensure the optimum use of Dubai’s airspace and prohibit all acts that may endanger aircraft, airports or any aviation services facilities. The law includes new allowances for the DCCA to inspect all aviation towers and helipads to ensure their security and that they comply with security standards.

The legislation also allows increased inspection and monitoring of workers and activities in the industry.

Law No 7 took effect yesterday on the decree of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. The legislation pertains to all responsibilities of the aviation authority, including upgrading and developing aviation equipment that complies with domestic and international regulations.


The chairman of Dubai Executive Council is authorised to define any legal breaches and the imposition of fines and penalties.


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