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In 1967, we built the world’s first towbarless electric aircraft tractor. Today, LEKTRO tow vehicles are changing the way ground crews all over the world handle aircraft by continually perfecting the function and design of our aircraft towing vehicles. We led the industry then, and we continue to lead today with highly reliable, easy to maintain and easy to operate tow vehicles. With no complicated procedures and no heavy towbars, one person can hook up and be ready to push back and tow nearly any single or dual nose wheel aircraft in seconds. The zero emissions motor runs clean and quiet, so current and future air and noise pollution restrictions are not a concern. By cradling the aircraft nose gear at the front of the tractor, we have eliminated all but one pivot point. For more information visit oshkoshaerotech.com

1190 S.E. Flightline Drive
Warrenton Oregon 97146-9393, United States
Phone: +1 800 535 8767
or +1 503 861 2288
Email: sales.lektro@jbtc.com