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A message from our sponsor

Airble is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Fast Air Executive Aviation, one of Canada’s premier air charter services.

This is a major milestone in our journey toward revolutionising charter aviation, as we can soon offer flights from coast to coast. We are thrilled to welcome Fast Air aboard, and we know that you will love their service. This partnership marks a significant expansion of our fleet, offering you even more exclusive travel options and redefining the way you experience air travel. We are proud to partner with Fast Air- a leader in Sustainable Aviation in Canada.

With the addition of Fast Air, we are introducing 11 new aircraft to the Airble marketplace – a 25% increase in our available fleet offering! This includes an impressive range of turboprop aircraft, and the ground-breaking addition of our first-ever business jets! This milestone opens up a world of possibilities for our valued users, presenting a diverse choice for private or shared flights and exciting empty-leg deals. This also means the addition of many longer-range flights within Canada and multiple cross-border destinations.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability are at the core of our mission. By seamlessly connecting air operators with passengers, we optimise flight routes, reduce unnecessary emissions, and provide passengers with premium, flexible, and eco- friendly travel options. Our cutting-edge platform automates the charter flight planning and booking processes, making it effortless for you to browse, book, and pay, instantly, for your desired air charter travel experiences.

As always, thanks to all who have been a part of the Airble community. We are immensely grateful for your continued support as we work towards transforming the way you travel. Stay tuned for more updates. We have many exciting plans on the horizon.

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