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Ottawa rejigs trusted traveller program in bid to avoid last summer's airport chaos

Federal government rolls out revamp of its trusted-traveller program to help clear clogged airports.

WestJet, pilots reach 11th hour deal

WestJet and its pilots union reach a last-minute deal, averting a strike ahead of May long weekend.

Textron unveils plans for Cessna Citation Ascend

560XL series business jet expected to enter into service in 2025.

Cathay Pacific sacks crew members accused of discriminating against non English speakers

Hong Kong airline dismisses three cabin crew after passenger accuses them of discrimination.

Rain forecast could slow down record breaking Alberta wildfires, officials say

Light rainfall and cooler temperatures slowed record-breaking wildfire activity in Alberta over long weekend.

EU welcomes F 16 jet decision for Ukraine; pilots already being trained

U.S. green lights F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots which will inevitably bring the fighter jet to battlefield.

Mount Etna volcano erupts, raining ash on Catania, forcing shutdown of local airport

Europe's most active volcano began erupting on Sunday, shutting down Sicily's largest airport.

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The secret side of airplane travel, straight from the captain

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Air Canada to launch non stop, year round service between Toronto and Yellowknife

Air Canada is launching non-stop, year-round commercial service between Toronto and Yellowknife which the airline says will help support both tourism and business in the region. » 

American Airlines and JetBlue must abandon their partnership in Northeast

A Federal judge rules American Airlines and JetBlue Airways must abandon their partnership in the northeast United States, stating the deal reduces competition in the airline industry. » 

Air Canada signs codeshare and interline partnership deal with Flydubai

Providing more options for travellers heading to Middle East, East Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Southern Asia. » 

NASA picks Blue Origin to build lunar landers

Jeff Bezos' rocket company wins $3.4B contract to develop a lunar lander named Blue Moon. » 

'Fuel starvation' is possible cause of plane crash that killed 2 off California coast

Investigators look into possibility that fuel issues may have caused a small plane to crash into the Pacific. » 

Major Russian airline could idle 30% of helicopter fleet as part supplies dry up

One of Russia's largest airlines may have to take a third of its helicopter fleet out of service » 

F 18 fighter jet accident at Zaragoza airbase as pilot ejects successfully

An F-18 crashed at an airbase in the Spanish city of Zaragoza but pilot ejected successfully. » 

Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to San Francisco makes surprise stop in Iqaluit

Passengers on a flight from Dublin found themselves making an unexpected stop in Iqaluit. » 

Heroux Devtek reports Q4 profit down from year ago, sales up

Landing gear maker reports fourth-quarter profit of $6.3M, down from $11.5M a year earlier. » 


Vertical Flight Society Forum 79

May 16 – 18, 2023
Location: West Palm Beach, FL

2023 CBAA Convention and Exhibition

July 11 – 13, 2023
Location: Calgary, AB
»

4th Annual Aerial Firefighting Conference

October 26, 2023
Location: KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, Kelowna, BC
»

ATAC Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

November 14 – 16, 2023
Location: Montreal, Quebec
»