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Air Canada admits it violated disability regulations in case of B.C. man

Air Canada acknowledges it violated disability regulations and apologizes to man forced to drag himself off Las Vegas flight.

Man in Hamburg airport hostage drama used a rental car and had no weapons permit

18-hour standoff after a man drove onto the tarmac at Hamburg Airport with his 4-year-old daughter.

3 passengers sue Alaska Airlines after off duty pilot accused of trying to cut engines mid flight

Three passengers sue Alaska Airlines saying they suffered emotional distress from an incident last month.

B.C. based Helijet orders first electric vertical takeoff aircraft

Helijet International places what it describes as Canada's first order for an electric vertical-takeoff aircraft.

Delta says pilot accused of threatening to shoot the captain no longer works for the airline

Pilot accused of threatening to shoot a plane's captain during a flight no longer works for the airline.

Careers in Aviation Expo held in Calgary

More than 340 people attend a joint Careers in Aviation and Emergency Services Expo.

Canadian Wildfire Conference brings together ground and air leaders in Kelowna

More than 250 air and ground leaders involved in wildfire suppression from across the country unite in Kelowna.


Bombardier revenues ramp up, even as private plane travel falls

Montreal plane maker reports a revenue leap of 28 per cent in the latest quarter as company says it remains on track for its business jet delivery targets, even as private plane sales activity has entered a slump across globe. » 

Lifetime cost of Canada's F 35 fighter jets is $73.9B: parliamentary budget officer

Canada will pay an estimated $73.9 billion to buy, fly and maintain its new fleet of F-35 fighter jets, the parliamentary budget officer says, considering issues like weapons and ammunition, design and depot costs, infrastructure and training. » 

De Havilland Canada partners with Universal Avionics, acquires Mid-Canada Mod Center

Universal Avionics flight deck system will support aerial firefighting operations on CL-215 and CL-415 aircraft. » 

Small businesses still hoping for CEBA loan forgiveness extension as time runs out

Nearly 900,000 organizations applied for and received an emergency business loan during COVID-19 pandemic. » 

Canada's unemployment rate climbs to 5.7% in October

Statistics Canada says country's unemployment rate rose last month, as economy added a modest 18,000 jobs. » 

Brazil to militarize key airports, ports and borders in a crackdown on organized crime

Brazil's President is sending armed forces to boost security at some of country's most important airports. » 

Israeli envoy to Russia says Tel Aviv passengers hid from airport riot in terminal

Some passengers had to hide in the terminal before being flown by helicopter to safety. » 

Why travelers expecting sticker shock could see sweet relief instead

Airfare costs in US declined by 13 per cent over past year, according to Consumer Price Index data. » 

3 astronauts return to Earth after 6 month stay on China's space station

Three Chinese astronauts returned to Earth after six months aboard China's orbiting space station. » 


HAC 28th Annual Conference & Trade Show

November 6 – 10, 2023
Location: Vancouver, BC
»

2023 Canadian Aerospace Summit

November 7 – 8, 2023
Location: Ottawa, ON
»

ATAC Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

November 14 – 16, 2023
Location: Montreal, Quebec
»