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Supreme Court to hear appeal from airlines on air passenger rights compensation

18 appellants argue Canada’s four-year-old passenger rights charter should be rendered invalid for international flights.

Flair CEO says airline flying high, enough to stave off 'growing pains,' large loans

Flair Airlines CEO Stephen Jones discusses higher passenger numbers and growing pains.

Air Force awards a start up company $235 million to build an example of a sleek new plane

U.S. Air Force will invest US$235 million to help JetZero build a jet with a blended-wing body.

American Airlines sues travel site to crack down on consumers who use ticket trick

American Airlines is suing travel website that sells tickets allowing people exploit a quirk in airline pricing.

Wildfire fight switches from defence to offence near capital of Northwest Territories

Firefighters battling a wildfire near the capital of the Northwest Territories shift from defence to offence.

Smoky conditions help B.C. fire fight, causes Metro Vancouver air quality advisory

30,000 people were under evacuation orders in province with more than 380 wildfires burning at start of week.

Two bodies found after float plane crashes in St. Lawrence River near Quebec City

Provincial police divers locate two bodies near the south shore of the river after crash last week.

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Has Air Transport Finally Found a Champion?

The air transport industry is counting on our newly appointed Transport Minister to be a strong voice in cabinet and recognize aviation as a key economic enabler. The people of Canada, especially those living in remote and northern regions, need government support, not unnecessary taxes, fees, and incoherent regulation. Recent government actions have been anything but helpful. » Learn more

Flair to speed up pilot training with new program

Flair Airlines is launching a training program, in collaboration with Genesis Flight College and CTS Aero, that will see applicants placed in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 within 18 months. » 

Dubai International sees 41.6 million passengers in first half of year, more than in 2019

The world's busiest airport for international travel announced Tuesday it served 41.6 million passengers in the first half of this year, exceeding figures for the same period in 2019 as travellers return to the air. » 

Pilots made errors before crash near Lake Tahoe that killed all 6 on board

Errors by two pilots caused a business jet to go into an aerodynamic stall and crash near Lake Tahoe in 2021. » 

Pilot accused of destroying parking barrier at Denver airport

United Airlines pilot charged with mischief for allegedly using an ax to destroy a barrier gate at employee lot. » 

Who wants to fly over Taliban held Afghanistan? New FAA rules allow it, but planes largely avoid it

Two years after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, rules are easing to cut time and fuel consumption. » 

Iran unveils drone resembling MQ 9 Reaper and says it could potentially reach Israel

Iran's Defense Ministry unveils a drone on Tuesday saying it is capable of staying airborne for 24 hours. » 

North Korean plane takes off from Beijing in a sign of its reopening

Commercial flight takes off from Beijing in a sign that Pyongyang is opening its borders after almost three years. » 

Zelenskyy thanks Danes in person for F 16s

Ukrainian President thanks Danish lawmakers on Monday for helping his country resist Russia's invasion. » 

Travel ban in parts of B.C. disrupting tourism as raging wildfires burn

Central Okanagan is facing weeks without tourism during its peak season. » 


Careers in Aviation Expo, West

October 24, 2023
Location: Calgary, AB
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4th annual Canadian Wildfire Conference

October 26, 2023
Location: KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, Kelowna, BC
»

HAC 28th Annual Conference & Trade Show

November 6 – 10, 2023
Location: Vancouver, BC
»

ATAC Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

November 14 – 16, 2023
Location: Montreal, Quebec
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