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Consumers still hungry for leisure travel, despite inflation, rate hikes: Transat CEO

Transat reported Thursday its highest net income ever for a third quarter and turned a profit for first time since 2019.

Hundreds of flying taxis to be made in Ohio

Joby to build eVTOL aircraft in same Ohio river valley where Wright brothers pioneered human flight.

WestJet union should apologize for trying to 'silence' free speech, Poilievre says

Conservative leader says union representing WestJet cabin crew should apologize for trying to silence free speech.

Canada's Top Fixed Base Operator survey

Aircrew, executives, passengers and aircraft owners pick their Top FBOs across the country.

F 35 fighter jets land in NATO member Denmark to replace F 16s

The first of four F-35 Lightning II aircraft arrive in Denmark, which ordered 27 of the fighter jets.

Officials find debris from F 35 fighter jet that crashed in South Carolina after pilot ejected

Authorities find debris field from an F-35 that crashed in South Carolina after pilot ejected safely.

Pilots racing in WWII era planes die in midair collision in Reno

Two veteran California pilots killed over the weekend when their World War II-era planes collided in midair.


Backlog of air passenger complaints tops 57,000, hitting new peak

Backlog of air passenger complaints at Canada's transport regulator hit new high as dissatisfaction over cancellations and compensation persist three-plus years after pandemic outbreak. » 

Long secret Canadian intelligence sealed Avro Arrow's cancellation, new paper says

A new research paper, based on previously secret information, points to strategic Canadian intelligence assessments as “missing dimension” in debate over Avro Arrow’s demise. » 

Canada's inflation rate reaches four per cent in August

August marks the second consecutive month inflation has risen, but prices for air transportation fell. » 

FAA restores Mexico aviation to highest safety rating

Change allows for new routes into US and tickets sales on Mexican airline operated flights. » 

Family says 14 year old daughter discovered iPhone taped to back of toilet seat

Family believes their daughter was targeted by a member of the crew on flight to Boston. » 

Small plane crashes in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, killing all 14 people on board

A small passenger plane crashed in Brazil's Amazon rainforest Saturday, killing all 14 people on board. » 

Taiwan describes new high of air activity as harassment by China

China's military sent 103 warplanes toward Taiwan in 24-hour period in a daily record in recent times. » 

Italy investigates if acrobatic plane struck birds before crash, killing a child on the ground

Italian Air Force is investigating whether an aircraft of its acrobatic team struck birds before crash. » 

U.S. benchmark oil price tops US$90 a barrel for first time since November 2022

Benchmark price of oil topped US$90 per barrel for the first time since late last year. » 


Careers in Aviation Expo, West

October 24, 2023
Location: Calgary, AB
»

4th annual Canadian Wildfire Conference

October 26, 2023
Location: KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, Kelowna, BC
»

HAC 28th Annual Conference & Trade Show

November 6 – 10, 2023
Location: Vancouver, BC
»

ATAC Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

November 14 – 16, 2023
Location: Montreal, Quebec
»