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Quebec to spend $66M on Nunavik airport projects over 2 years

Province will spend close to $66 million over next two years on 18 airport related projects across Nunavik.

Worker dead in accident with Regina's runway rehabilitation project, airport says

Construction worker died at Regina's airport during accident related to rehabilitation work on airport's main runway.

South Korean arrested for opening plane emergency exit door

Man who opened emergency exit door during a flight in South Korea faces up to 10 years in prison.

Flight cancellations, strikes raise fears of new summer travel chaos in Europe

Technical glitches and strikes across Europe are stirring concerns about a repeat of last summer's air travel chaos.

Expect big crowds for the summer travel season and big prices, too

The unofficial start of the summer travel season is here, with airlines hoping to overcome challenges of last year.

China plans to land astronauts on moon before 2030

China's growing goals in space present what is increasingly seen as a new space race.

Air Canada briefly grounds flights due to computer system problem

Air Canada briefly grounded its planes last Thursday due to a problem with its computer system.

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Your source for quality aircraft and avionics upgrades

When you choose to upgrade your aircraft, rely on the experts at Skyservice™. Skyservice’s qualified technicians provide consultative advice to help owners select the best avionic systems and upgrades for their aircraft. We also ensure that upgrades made to your aircraft are purposeful and built to increase safety, improve longevity, address regulatory mandates, and improve the value of your aircraft. We are a TCCA-, EASA-, and FAA-approved MRO, hold Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for approved aircraft modifications and upgrades, and operate as an authorized service/warranty center or dealership for aircraft OEMs. Choose Skyservice when it’s time to upgrade. » Read more

WestJet pilots deal grants 24% pay raise over four years

WestJet pilots are poised to get a 24 per cent pay bump over four years under agreement-in-principle between the company and union, which could set a new standard in Canadian aviation. » 

China's 1st domestically made passenger plane completes maiden commercial flight

China's first domestically made passenger jet flew its maiden commercial flight on Sunday, as the country looks to compete with industry giants like Boeing and Airbus in the global aircraft market. » 
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ATAC Invites All Aviation Stakeholders to Join in Finding Solutions to the Labour Shortage

The ATAC Board of Directors has recently created the ATAC Industry Human Resources Committee to address labour shortages throughout our industry and propose lasting viable solutions. The Government of Canada and all national aviation stakeholder organizations are invited to cooperate in this effort as this critical issue transcends all sectors of civil aviation. A collaborative approach is required from all involved if we are going to develop and implement lasting solutions to the biggest threat that our industry has faced outside the pandemic. » Learn more

Court annuls EU approval of $140 million of COVID 19 aid for Italian airlines

Court rules commission was wrong to approve millions of euros in aid to help Italian airlines with COVID-19 restrictions. » 

Southwestern New Brunswick fire improving, but still out of control, officials say

Wildfire that forced hundreds of evacuations in New Brunswick remained out of control on Monday afternoon. » 

Halifax wildfire still out of control, 14,000 forced from their homes: deputy chief

An estimated 14,000 people told to flee homes after rapidly spreading fire broke out Sunday afternoon in Tantallon. » 

2 planes aborted landings in San Francisco when a jet taxied across their runways

Pilots spotted a Southwest Airlines jet taxiing across runways on which their planes had been cleared to land. » 

Made in Saskatchewan satellite heading to orbit on SpaceX rocket

The province's first homegrown satellite is to be launched to the International Space Station. » 

Navy contractor jet was on fire before deadly California crash, federal report says

NTSB says Navy contractor's aircraft caught fire before crashing off California coast earlier this month. » 

Virgin Galactic completes final test flight before launching paying customers to space

Virgin completes what is expected to be final test flight before taking customers on brief trips to space. » 


2023 CBAA Convention and Exhibition

July 11 – 13, 2023
Location: Calgary, AB

Careers in Aviation Expo, West

October 24, 2023
Location: Calgary, AB
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4th Annual Aerial Firefighting Conference

October 26, 2023
Location: KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence, Kelowna, BC
»

ATAC Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

November 14 – 16, 2023
Location: Montreal, Quebec
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