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EagleEye Systems smart drone operating system gets FAA approval

EagleEye Systems S.A. has announced it has received a Section 333 exemption from the FAA to operate UAVs in the United States. With this approval, EES is now cleared to provide full pilot and flight operations to U.S. customers.

March 29, 2016  By EagleEye Systems

Unlike traditional drones that need manual commands to operate, UAVs powered by the EagleEye operating system can function autonomously. This means the onboard computer can process data in real-time from the sensors and cameras to suggest decisions thereby reducing the risk of errors caused by relying solely on human pilots. Additionally, each EES-powered UAV utilizes NATO-standard data encryption to provide a tamper-resistant record of the data captured, and the security architecture is set up to minimize the risk of intrusion by hackers. All of this is aimed at meeting privacy and security needs of its customers and of course, current and expected regulations.

Additional provisions of the exemption enables EES to train pilots before they can fly UAVs, build robust flight departments and assist clients with their own FAA Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA), the rigorous approval process to operate commercial drones in US airspace.

“This approval from the FAA is the result of many years of development of our capabilities to meet the very high standards required by U.S. authorities,” said EagleEye Systems COO Ash Bhatia. “With this hurdle crossed, we will now focus on continually improving our platform to drive the next wave of innovation in the exploding commercial drone industry. We have always seen ourselves as the ideal choice for high-performance needs across applications such as search and rescue, fire fighting, law enforcement and public safety. Increasingly, we are also seeing users of first-generation drones in areas like private security, surveying, agriculture and infrastructure maintenance come to us – everyone wants their drones to do more and to be more secure & stable, and we are the firm to help maximize the capabilities of these fantastic machines.”

EES-equipped drones are already deployed in the USA, for instance, with the Office of Emergency Management at Bergen County in New Jersey, and the company is in active discussions with prospects in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.



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