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Eclipse Jet announces global service center network

April 8, 2009, Chesterfield, MO – Eclipse Jet LP (Eclipse Jet) has announced that it  has entered into an Agreement with Eclipse Service Network, LLC (ESN)

April 8, 2009  By Carey Fredericks

April 8, 2009, Chesterfield, MO– Eclipse Jet LP (Eclipse Jet) has announced that it  has entered into an Agreement with Eclipse Service Network, LLC (ESN), a logistics and management organization to form a network of third-party Service Centers across the U.S. Eclipse Jet is also in discussions with third-party service providers in Europe to start an ESN-Europe as soon as possible.

Brigadoon Aircraft Maintenance, LLC, is the first Platinum Level Service Center under the Eclipse Service Network. Centrally located in Chicago Illinois, Brigadoon is already staffed with a team of Eclipse trained mechanics and has now begun FIKI modifications for the Eclipse 500 Jet.

“With the help of Mike Press and Mason Holland and the entire Eclipse Jet team we have been able to identify and source all of the parts necessary to begin FIKI modifications, we will begin taking orders for service shortly,” stated Ken Ross, founder of ESN. “We have Eclipse trained mechanics and are now ready to accelerate our Eclipse services. We have sourced all of the parts needed for the FIKI upgrade so we are ready to start scheduling these, however, we are waiting for Eclipse Jet to secure the assets of Old Eclipse so we can finish the work needed to deliver ETT, Avio NG, and Garmin 1.5 upgrades at reasonable production levels,” Ross further stated.

“When we looked at the body of work Brigadoon had already accomplished to expedite the delivery of the modifications, we quickly realized the level of expertise and dedication to the Eclipse community was unparalleled. We looked at many options, but we quickly came to the conclusion that the ESN model was the only one with the ability to deliver FIKI to the fleet in the few remaining months before icing season,” said Press.


Eclipse Jet co-founder Mike Press is excited for the existing customer base including those customers in Europe and around the world. Press states, “We are so fortunate to have Ken Ross on our team. His group has spent months validating and verifying the precise procedures needed to not only source the correct parts but also complete the installation upgrades at efficiencies and quality well beyond the old Eclipse. He definitely has at least a 6 month advantage over any other service provider in his ability to start these needed upgrades. In addition to his Brigadoon Service Center, Ken has also created ESN as a network which will allow independent service centers access not only to parts but also documentation, training and procedures needed to quickly get started on major modifications and upgrades of the Eclipse 500 Jet."

 The number of ESN service facilities will be determined by aircraft population and location. Qualified independent repair facilities or fleet operators may be eligible to join the Eclipse Service Network after completing an application process and passing an audit to verify it can meet the service level standards set forth by ESN.

The levels of ESN certified service facilities are:

Platinum Service Facility
 – These Service Centers will be required to maintain the necessary equipment, staff and training to perform all major upgrades and major repairs for the Eclipse 500, in addition, customers can schedule required inspections and minor repairs. Two Platinum Service Centers will officially open on day one of Eclipse Jet operations, one in Albuquerque and one in Chicago. A third, in the southeast is under negotiation and should open shortly after Eclipse Jet opens. A fourth Platinum level provider is also under negotiation in Europe. ALL Platinum Service Centers will be capable of completing the ETT, AvioNG, and FIKI 1.5 modifications and upgrades.

Gold Service Facility
– These Service Centers will be required to maintain the necessary equipment, staff and training to perform scheduled inspections and minor repairs. A minimum of two Eclipse trained mechanics must be on staff and these facilities must qualify as a certified repair station with the FAA. Under the terms of the agreement, ESN is required to establish multiple Gold level service centers geographically in order to insure these services are widely available.

Silver Service Facility

 – These Service Centers will have the necessary equipment and staff to perform minor repairs. Silver Service Centers will primarily be providing routine service for a select number of customers in their local area. Fleet Manager Service Facility – a special category of Service Facilities for fleet operators has also been established. A Fleet Manager Facility can provide all Gold level services for its qualifying Part 135 fleet and will be assigned a special toll-free hotline for express AOG service items needed for expediting repair in the event of an emergency repair need to support commercial operations. Fleet operators and individual aircraft owners alike will enjoy this broad independent distribution of service centers throughout the world.

Graham Casson, President of the OurPLANE fractional jet company stated, “Eclipse Jet has the right plan. They will focus company efforts on sourcing parts and producing aircraft on a controlled scheduled plan while outsourcing the service work to those qualified groups who already possess the infrastructure to begin work immediately. A real value-add is that by restarting production, existing owners will be able to benefit from  an ongoing stream of parts that will be more readily available at a lower price.”

“The fastest and most efficient way to re-establish service for the Eclipse 500 is by outsourcing the service functions to independent service centers and repair facilities who can compete for the customers by controlling cost and providing superior service. In addition, Eclipse Jet will empower these independent service centers with a parts sourcing and distribution program designed to control the cost of parts through volume production orders and discounts obtained by suppliers”, states Mason Holland, co-founder of Eclipse Jet.

About Eclipse Jet (New Eclipse)

Eclipse Jet, LLC is a partnership formed to acquire and manage the assets of the former Eclipse Aviation, now in bankruptcy. Eclipse designed and manufactured the Eclipse 500 Microjet – the first affordable twinjet that launched the new microjet category. Eclipse Jet is dedicated to supporting Eclipse 500 owners and depositors, and to returning the breakthrough aircraft to manufacture for customers around the world.


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