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Eclipse jet orders reopened for new aircraft

Oct. 11, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. announced today it is now taking orders for the Eclipse 550, the new twin-engine jet model in the Eclipse Jet family.

October 11, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

"We're thrilled to be taking this positive step forward in Eclipse history," said Mason Holland, CEO and Chairman of Eclipse Aerospace. "We expect a robust customer response based on the support we've received from current Eclipse owners, our suppliers and the aviation community in general. Ultimate production and production levels will be driven by overall market demand, and we couldn't be more excited or optimistic."

The Eclipse 550 will be a technologically advanced, twin-engine jet aircraft with a design that utilizes the same airframe and power plant as the popular EA-500 model, along with significant innovations in most aircraft systems designed to improve overall operations, direct operating costs, technology, comfort, and performance.

The Eclipse 550's enhancements will include expanded aircraft computer systems and integrated avionics package, which will now support features such as Auto Throttles, Synthetic Vision, Enhanced Vision, dual-mode FMS, TAWS, TCAS-1, ADS-B, on-board color radar, Radar Altimeter, and iPad data entry integration.

The base price of the Eclipse 550 twin-engine jet is USD $2,695,000 (2011 value). Eclipse Aerospace expects to produce 50 to 100 aircraft per year with deliveries beginning in 2013.



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