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Edmonton Police Service adds second H125 to fleet

November 23, 2020  By Wings Staff

AIR-2 joins another Airbus H125, AIR-1, delivered to the Edmonton Police Service back in 2017. (Photo: Airbus)

The Edmonton Police Service today announced its new Airbus H125 helicopter, AIR-2, will enter into service later this month. This is the second H125 to join the Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) fleet, with Airbus Helicopters Canada delivering AIR-1 back in 2017.

Airbus explains the H125 is well-suited for multi-role law enforcement missions including surveillance, command and control, search and pursuit, search and rescue, special operations, escort and more.

“AIR-1 and AIR-2, our two helicopters, play an integral role in ensuring citizen and officer safety,” says Paul Shafer, Staff Sergeant with EPS’ Canine and Flight Operations Section. “They allow us to monitor fleeing vehicles from a safe distance, locate missing persons, find suspects who may be trying to evade police, and assist officers on the ground with scene surveillance.”

Airbus states, that over the past 15 years, its helicopters account for 100 per cent of those delivered for airborne-law enforcement in Canada. The company supplies helicopters to Canadian airborne units including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Calgary Police Service, York Regional Police, and Winnipeg Police Services. Today, Airbus helicopters make up 86 per cent of Canada’s airborne law enforcement in-service fleet.


Pilot Kathy Stewart, RCMP Northern Light

“Edmonton Police Service has proven to be an invaluable resource for its citizens, and we sincerely thank you not only for the critical work you do day and night, but for continuing to place your trust in Airbus,” said Dwayne Charette, President and COO of Airbus Helicopters Canada, based in Fort Erie, Ont.


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