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Embraer launches the Lifetime Programme

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Embraer launches the Lifetime Programme
Embraer officially launched the Lifetime Programme, during a press briefing in Moscow, Russia.

March 19, 2009  By Carey Fredericks

1_ae_lex_004744_baixaMarch 19, 2009, São José dos Campos, Brazil – Embraer officially launched the Lifetime Programme, during a press briefing in Moscow, Russia. Developed to support
Embraer’s ECC Leasing subsidiary activities, Lifetime is a comprehensive support package
that can be fully customized to the needs of Embraer pre-owned commercial aircraft
customers, by selecting each product and service available.

“Embraer is starting to enter new markets, such as the Ukraine, where we have found that
our customers do not require merely the traditional elements, but a far broader coverage of
support services,” said Maurício Aveiro, Embraer Vice President Customer Support, Airline
Market. “It is within this context that the idea for the Lifetime Programme was born. We are
working hard toward expanding the Programme to all regions of the world.”

As more pre-owned aircraft begin to trade on the market, Embraer has taken a fresh look at how
best to support these aircraft and identified a clear requirement for a distinct package that would<
offer more than the traditional total support approach. Lifetime is the result of this detailed review
and delivers a fully-customized comprehensive package to customers.

“Many of the airlines we are talking to about our pre-owned aircraft repeatedly highlight that they
want an all-encompassing package to assist them, whether it be as a start-up operator or a new type
entry to an existing fleet,” said Mark Dunnachie, ECC Leasing Managing Director. “The Lifetime
Programme is designed to meet and surpass this expectation. No other manufacturer has provided a
package so tailored to its portfolio of used aircraft, and we are confident that our customers will
rapidly associate Lifetime to Embraer’s pre-owned aircraft, as a winning combination.”


The Lifetime Programme proposal is to “offer a world of pre-owned aircraft solutions”, and it reflects a philosophy that goes far beyond the existing support packages, representing a wide
coverage for Embraer’s pre-owned aircraft. Brazil’s Passaredo Linhas Aéreas and Mexico’s
Aeroméxico Connect have already signed with ECC for the Lifetime Programme.

Conceived for the secondary market, the Lifetime Programme offers every operator a list of
services and products covering everything, from pre-EIS (Entry Into Service) to EIS an
customer support, on a daily basis.

About ECC Leasing Company Limited

Embraer’s wholly owned ECC Leasing Company Limited subsidiary was incorporated i
Dublin, Ireland, in September 2002, to manage and remarket Embraer’s pre-owned aircraft
portfolio. To date, ECC has managed a total of 71 aircraft, of which 40 have been leased and
31 sold to airlines, corporations, and government entities in North and South America,
Europe, and Asia. ECC Leasing handles Embraer aircraft that may be acquired through tradeins
and provides remarketing services for third parties in connection with its sales campaigns.
For more information, visit .


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