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EMS Aviation introduces Aspire Portable AirMail

Jan. 24, 2011, Athens, Ga. - EMS Aviation today introduced the Aspire Portable AirMail System.

January 24, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The product, the latest addition to the Aspire family of user-friendly communications products, is a device which operators carry on their aircraft with them. It is easily connected to an existing Iridium® antenna
for near-instant access to e-mail through personal smartphones.

Weighing just three pounds, the system is used specifically for sending and receiving text e-mail in-flight, to help operators and passengers fly like they live. The Portable AirMail unit is not permanently installed on the aircraft, but can be carried on as required and connected to the aircraft’s existing Iridium antenna. Once the system is connected, up to four passengers can send and receive e-mail. And because permanent installation is not required, an operator can effortlessly carry the device from airplane to airplane, retaining connectivity on each flight, providing the pilot-in-command approves its use.

“This new portable system is designed to take advantage of low-bandwidth devices, such as BlackBerry®s and iPhones®,” says John Jarrell, vice president and general manager of EMS Aviation. “With an Iridium antenna, any operator can begin using the system immediately, and in today’s connected world, Portable AirMail offers a cost-effective in-flight e-mail only solution. Its portability makes it ideal for Iridium antenna-equipped fixed-wing or helicopter operators who want to experience in-flight e-mail without having to modify their aircraft.” The system will be available in the second quarter this year.

For more on Aspire and the latest cabin management systems, see "A Smart Solution" in the January/February 2011 issue.



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