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CASP unveils portable fire extinguishers

January 12, 2021  By Wings Staff

375H673 portable fire extinguisher

CASP Aerospace unveiled a new, environmentally-friendly alternative to portable Halon 1211 fire extinguishers.

The Montreal company has teamed with Alabama-based Amerex to deliver the CASP model 375H673, a drop-in solution that not only meets all regulatory and environmental requirements, but mates with a fully compatible mounting bracket featuring the same mounting hole pattern as the Halon 1211 units (100-9750 & 30H673) it is replacing.

Best of all, the clean agent 375H673 portable fire extinguisher is UL certified, in production, and available today.

“CASP had the ability to come up with a solution for not only the extinguisher but also design & manufacture a 16G rated bracket that has a compatible hole pattern with the prior model extinguishers B722538 bracket,” said Alan Templeton, President & General Manager of CASP Aerospace in a press release.


“The new unit weighs less than other Halon alternative extinguishers with hose and is easy to carry. The flexible hose attachment allows users to aim directly at fires in hard-to-reach places, such as inside overhead bins or under seats. Other 2-BTP filled extinguishers are only available with a nozzle attachment, so the 375H673 fills the gap. Many aircraft are certified with a hose style extinguisher and the 375H673 is a perfect replacement” continued Templeton. “Many directors of maintenance, design engineers for airlines and OEMs have asked us for a hose style replacement unit, and it is finally here. The 375H673 is suitable for installation on new aircraft or as a retrofit.”

With an ozone depletion potential near zero and a short seven-day atmospheric lifespan, Halotron BrX is the clear winner in the race to replace halon.



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