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EPIC Fuels now offers ground fuels

EPIC Fuel is expanding its capabilities by offering ground fuels, a new product line for the company. Effective immediately, EPIC Fuels now offers ground fuels or motor fuels, including a variety of gasoline and diesel options for delivery to customer locations in addition to the company's aviation fuels (Jet and 100LL).

October 4, 2016  By EPIC Fuels

Ground fuel products will include blended gasohol, reformulated gasoline (RFG), and both summer and winter blends of Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) gasoline. Clear or conventional gasoline (gasoline without ethanol) is available as well. EPIC’s ground fuel products also include ultra-low sulphur diesel, premium and winterized diesel blends.

“We often find that our aviation customers need ground fuels in addition to Jet and Avgas. By providing a full suite of ground fuels including all grades of gasoline, diesel and off road diesel in addition to aviation fuels, our goal is to make it easy and efficient for our customers to get the fuels they need to help their business thrive,” states Lee Jones, EPIC Fuels Vice President of Supply. “Wings or wheels, we can fuel your fleet,” said Jones.


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