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Ethiopian Airlines debuts Navtech FMS data

April 8, 2010, Toronto - When Ethiopian Airlines launched its new fleet of Q400 in late March, the aircraft debuted Navtech's FMS Navigation Data on the Universal Avionics’ FMS platform.

April 8, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

Ethiopian Airlines, based in Addis Ababa, has relied on Navtech, Inc. for FMS Navigation Data for its current fleet of Boeing 737s. Now, it becomes the first Navtech customer to implement its navigation data on Universal Avionics.
“Establishing an agreement with Universal Avionics is a significant milestone in Navtech’s history of producing data for flight navigation systems,” said Mike Hulley, Navtech CEO.  “It’s the icing on the cake to have it debut with a customer with whom we’ve worked so closely and deeply respect. This is a great trio:  Navtech, Ethiopian Air and Universal Avionics.”
Navtech and Universal Avionics launched a partnership, effective with the 1003 ARINC cycle, to enable Navtech to provide data for Universal’s SCN 802/ 902 and 1000/1100 Flight Management Systems.  The deal significantly expands Navtech’s ability to support both new and existing customers with specialized flight data.


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