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eTripTrader makes a splash with PenAir

Sept. 6, 2012, Toronto - eTripTrader is proud to announce a multi-year contract with Peninsula Airways for a comprehensive and innovative crew management system, SkedFlex.

September 6, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

While effectively providing PenAir with a customizable and automated crew scheduling solution, SkedFlex will aid PenAir in maintaining compliance with federal rules and company guidelines.

SkedFlex is a fully automated and customizable employee management system. Its abilities such as verification of contractual agreements, configuration to manage crew members and trading rules globally, logging in real time, automating shift trading, allow organizations to effectively utilize the latest technology and compete in the global economy. In addition to streamlining their processes, by utilizing SkedFlex, organizations enjoy substantial savings and provide their employees with a better work-life balance.

Said Tom LaJoie, eTripTrader's president/CEO: "PenAir has an amazing 50+ year history of proud service to Alaska and we're very excited to have an opportunity to help them expand their reach to the New England area. Using SkedFlex as their crew management system will ensure their crewmembers are scheduled efficiently and within company and federal regulations. Its intuitive, employee-focused design will also mean those crewmembers will have some control of where and when they fly and will have easy access to their flight schedules before, during and after their trips."

"Navtech is pleased to partner with eTripTrader to bring complementary crew products to our customers. Crew Companion provides air crew's with technology for easy trip trading to better meet their schedules while supporting the needs of their organizations. SkedFlex provides airlines that are not in need of a full crew management solution but are looking for tools to effectively create schedules that are more efficient than manual methods of scheduling," said Robert Mora, Director, Crew Product Management.



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