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ExecuJet Launches CO2 Offset Program with ‘myclimate’

Nov. 19,  2007, Zurich, SW, - ExecuJet Aviation Group,announced today it has formed a partnership with  myclimate, to offer its charter customers worldwide the opportunity to fly carbon neutral.  

November 19, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

Nov. 19,  2007, Zurich, SW, – ExecuJet Aviation Group, the global
business aviation and international jet charter organisation, announced
today it has formed a partnership with the highly regarded, non-profit,
environmental foundation, myclimate, in order to offer its charter
customers worldwide the opportunity to fly carbon neutral.   It is the
first private jet charter company to align with myclimate.

By purchasing a myclimate ticket ExecuJet customers, flying primarily
Bombardier Business Jets, including the long range Global Express, will
be able to offset the climate relevant emissions generated by a journey
through investing in a climate protection project and play an active
role in preserving the environment.

Each journey’s offset price will be determined by myclimate, taking
into account the climate relevant emissions generated per hour flown,
and costs of offsetting a ton of CO2 in a carbon offset project. All
projects reduce emissions by promoting renewable energy and energy
efficient technologies, hence replacing fossil fuel based energy. For
example, in India, biomass, i.e. agricultural waste is used to produce
energy. In another project in Indonesia, a hydropower station is being
renovated in order to increase the output.

A myclimate example – a Bombardier Global Express burns 532 US-Gallons
per flight hour. 532 x 0.458 = EUR 243.65 needs to be paid per flight
hour to offset the produced amount of CO2. If the total flight time is
10 hours, EUR 243.65 x 10 = EUR 2,436 would be the total amount to be
paid to receive a climate neutral ticket.


Headquartered in Zurich, ExecuJet’s decision to join myclimate, who
already partners with leading international air carriers such as Virgin
Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa, was based on
myclimate’s international reputation for high project standards as a
provider of voluntary carbon offsetting measures. It has been rated as
one of the top four providers of carbon offsetting programmes for air
travel by the Tufts Climate Initiative conducted by Tufts University in
the USA. As a non-profit organisation, maximum income is diverted to
carbon offsetting projects.


ExecuJet sees climate change mitigation as an inherent part of our
corporate responsibility. We are sensitive to the wishes of our private
charter customers wish to contribute toward climate change and believe
myclimate provides a positive carbon neutral flying solution,” said
Niall Olver, Chief Executive, ExecJet Aviation Group. 


“Aviation’s impact on the environment represents 2% of CO2 – 1.5% of
European CO2* and business aviation accounts for 5 percent of all
intra-EU traffic but only 0.5 percent of the emissions generated by
this traffic. ** While this is small compared with road transport
(18%); domestic activities (23%) and power stations (25% of global
CO2), ExecuJet is committed to reducing and offsetting the impact of
its operations on the environment” he added. 

”We are glad to cooperate with ExecuJet as we think it is important
that everybody contributes to climate protection wherever it is
possible. Together with ExecuJet we have implemented a very pragmatic
system for their customers to offset emissions. We guarantee that the
money is invested into high quality carbon offset projects that lead to
a measurable and sustainable reduction of emissions,” says Kathrin
Dellantonio, spokesperson from myclimate.

Sources * Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ** European Business Aircraft Association (EBAA)


ExecuJet Aviation Group

Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, the ExecuJet Aviation Group has
operations in four regions including Europe, Middle East, Africa and
Australasia. Each ExecuJet office is locally focused on providing
specialist tailored aviation solutions. 

ExecuJet manage a fleet of over 100 modern aircraft worldwide under the
most stringent safety standards, strategically operated from six
regional civil aviation issued air operating certificates (AOCs).
ExecuJet is an aircraft sales distributor for Bombardier Business
Aircraft (including the Learjet, Challenger and Global Express
families) and exclusive distributors for the Grob Aerospace sp©˙ light
business jet and the new 8 to 12-passenger Aerion Supersonic Business
Jet outside the Americas.

Other services include aircraft pre-owned sales, aircraft management,
aircraft maintenance, aircraft charter, aircraft completions management
and aircraft services. <>



The foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership is
non-profit making and exempt from taxation. myclimate is
internationally represented – in Switzerland by myclimate
( <> ), in Austria by
the NPO Österreichisches Ökologie Institut (
<> ), in Norway by the NPO Framtiden i
våre hender ( <http://www.mittklima> ), in Canada
by Unisféra and its Program Planetair <>
, and in the United States by Sustainable Travel International (STI)
( <> ).

myclimate supports projects that lead to a direct reduction of
greenhouse gases and thus makes tangible climate protection possible.
The projects achieve their effect through the replacement of fossil
fuels with renewable energies or by means of energy efficiency measures
(energy saving measures or the use of efficient technologies).

myclimate projects must satisfy strict project standards
as well as reducing greenhouse gases, they must also make a
demonstrably positive contribution to sustainable development and be
both ecologically as well as socially compatible.

myclimate manages two different project portfolios: The portfolio
myclimate encompasses projects in developing and emerging countries
that are registered with the Gold Standard
or are on the way to Gold Standard registration. The portfolio
myclimate Switzerland supports, projects in developing countries as
well as in Switzerland. <>



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