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Fast Air Jet Centre unveils carbon neutral FBO

March 23, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Image courtesy of FastAir

Fast Air Jet Centre has provided aircraft fuelling and handling services at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport in Manitoba, Canada for more than 30 years.

A member of the Air Elite by World Fuel Network, Fast Air began its commitment to sustainability by buying offsets to compensate for its operation’s carbon emissions for 2019 as part of the network’s carbon-neutral initiative.

In 2021, the operation meets its sustainability goals by committing to being run on a net zero basis for its carbon footprint. To achieve this goal, a baseline was established and using approved and audited carbon offsets combined with carbon reduction strategies, the facility will run in an environmentally friendly way. This step is part of an ongoing process, explains the company, including using renewables and purchasing carbon offsets.

Dan Rutherford, manager of business development, Fast Air Jet Centre, stated: “This commitment is going to extend to other parts of the Fast Air operations and will include its aircraft in the coming year. Aircraft clients at the Jet Centre will be given the opportunity to apply carbon offsets for their travel, which will extend the impact of this commitment even further.”


This carbon-neutral initiative is further enhanced by its participation in the Air Elite Network’s recent carbon purchase initiative. They are among the 43 member locations that have become carbon-neutral for 2019 and have committed the same for 2020 and beyond. Working with Air Elite’s network locations, World Fuel Services’ affiliate, World Kinect Energy Services, analyzed the member’s energy use and retired carbon offsets to compensate for their 2019 scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions. World Kinect Energy Services is a global leader in sustainability consulting, renewable energy, and carbon solutions.


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