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FedEx equips Cessna 208 fleet with Vision 1000

Appareo Systems, LLC has been contracted by FedEx Corporation to provide a Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) solution for the company’s feeder fleet of Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster aircraft.

November 8, 2017  By Appareo Systems

The 240 Cessnas will be equipped with Appareo’s Vision 1000, a FAA-certified cockpit recording device that provides the data necessary for FedEx to analyze trends as part of the company’s FOQA program. The Vision 1000 is a compact unit that weighs less than half a pound and installs on the headliner of the aircraft. It captures inertial data, ambient and intercom audio, and high-resolution cockpit imagery, providing a complete picture of what occurred during every moment of every flight. Installations are underway and anticipated to be completed by mid-2018.

Also slated for completion in early 2018 is the re-engineered ALERTS flight data analysis software, which will provide FedEx and its Feeder Operators the tools they’ll need for a complex and complete FOQA program. ALERTS is Appareo’s suite of software analysis tools that makes a turnkey FOQA program possible for any aircraft operator. As part of the agreement, Appareo is customizing ALERTS to provide enhanced functionality for the FedEx FOQA program.

“It is a great privilege to work closely with safety leaders like FedEx,” said Appareo president David Batcheller. “We’re pleased to support their efforts to equip their Caravan fleet with the best safety systems and equipment available for small aircraft.”



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