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FedEx plans to replace entire 727 fleet

Nov. 2, 2010, Toronto - Federal Express Canada Ltd. is pleased to announce its plan to replace its Canadian fleet of five 727-200 aircraft with five newer generation 757-200 planes.

November 2, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

This major investment underscores FedEx Express Canada’s confidence in future economic growth in Canada, and will allow FedEx Express Canada to provide enhanced operating performance to its customers doing business locally and globally.

With Global becoming the new Local, FedEx Express Canada is committed to connecting Canadian business with the fastest-growing economies in the world by providing them with efficient and sustainable supply chains that enable them to remain competitive in the global economy.

“Approximately 16,000 km are flown daily in Canada by the 727-200 fleet.  We are very pleased to be able to cut our carbon emissions and fuel consumption by up to 47 per cent for each package carried compared to our 727s, which is an incredible feat,” said Lisa Lisson, president of FedEx Express Canada.  “Achieving environmental and economic sustainability requires more than just embracing more-efficient technologies.  It also means making smart choices, matching the right plane with the right job.”

FedEx Express Canada’s plan is part of a global FedEx initiative to replace 727 aircraft with 757 planes.  FedEx Express Canada expects the transition to the newer aircraft to be completed by early 2011. The first two of the five planes became operational in Canada in August, 2010.


Improved fuel efficiency, coupled with greater payload capacity and flight range, allows more packages to be shipped daily across the intra-Canadian network with fewer flights.

“The launch of the 757’s signals another step in FedEx Express Canada’s continued commitment to grow in a more efficient and sustainable way,” added Lisson.  “Investing in these planes demonstrates FedEx Express Canada’s confidence in the Canadian market and its great potential for long-term growth.”
FedEx Express Canada expects the third 757-200 to become operational in late fall 2010 and the final two to be rolled out in early 2011.


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