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Feeling crowded on aircraft? It’s uncomfortable on so many levels

April 21, 2015 - Airline passengers already know that ever-shrinking seats can leave them feeling cranky and cramped. They might nonetheless think of reduced legroom — an industry- wide trend that has produced a remarkable run of profitability for U.S. airlines — as a fair trade off for an affordable fare. But what if, in addition to threatening one’s sanity and aching back, cramped airline seats threatened one’s safety? It stands to reason, after all, that it would be harder to evacuate a plane designed for 180 passengers when it’s carrying 195.

April 21, 2015  By Bloomberg News

America’s airplane manufacturers and airlines tend to respond by pointing out that their planes are certified to fly only after meeting U.S. and European safety regulations. But that’s not saying much. Existing protocols aren’t nearly as rigorous as they ought to be. | READ MORE


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