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FLYHT signs first Chinese customer for data services

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. has announce the launch of real-time data services in the People's Republic of China. The undisclosed airline is the first Chinese customer to select data services provided by the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) on its fleet of CRJ-900 aircraft. This Chinese operator receives their new aircraft with AFIRS already installed from Bombardier as a line-fit option.

August 16, 2016  By Marketwired

The aggregate data services revenue on this contract is initially valued at US$1,050,000 assuming FLYHT provides services over the full term of the five (5) year agreement. The announced contract value is based upon the current in-service quantity of AFIRS-enabled Bombardier CRJ aircraft and an initial set of enabled data services provided by FLYHT’s cloud-based UpTime products. The airline may add more aircraft to its operations in the future and may request that FLYHT provide these services to the additional aircraft as they join the airline’s fleet, further increasing the value of the service contract. Additional UpTime products are available for the operator to add to the contract, which could also further increase the contract’s value.

“FLYHT is pleased to provide data services for customers in China to enable cost savings and improved operational efficiencies,” remarked Michael Fang, FLYHT’s vice president of China sales. “By receiving real-time data, airlines can track their aircraft and AFIRS will alert the airline to any issues which allows them to be proactive with their maintenance and operations. We believe that signing this airline may open FLYHT up to new possibilities in China as other airlines see the value that real-time data can provide.”

AFIRS is now contracted on over 100 aircraft in China with more units on order. FLYHT is positioned to capture additional value from its investments in the country with the delivery of data services and the recurring revenue that comes with it. This launch customer allows FLYHT to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of UpTime services to other China clients who have installed AFIRS for FLYHTVoice but have not yet enabled the cost saving data services possible with AFIRS.



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