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Flight Design F2 certified by EASA

December 17, 2021  By Wings Staff

The F2-CS23 comes with standard features like an all Garmin G3X avionics suite, 2 axis autopilot and Rotax 912iS fuel-injected 100HP engine. (Photo: Flight Design)

Flight Design general aviation GmbH’s F2 aircraft was EASA CS-23 certified as of December 8. The F2-CS23 is described by the company, based in Germany, as a modern 2-seat aircraft featuring many completely new design concepts. It is designed to bring familiar automotive feel and simplified operation to private owners and flight schools.

“We couldn’t be happier to see this important step for the F2 program which ultimately will lead to the F4 four-seat version and the all-electric F2e”, said Matthias Betsch, who leads Flight Design’s overall design organization. He is the creator of the F Series.

The F2-CS23 is the next step in Flight Design’s Vision Zero concept which is said to incorporate all commercially available safety features appropriate for this type of aircraft. These features include a passive stall and spin resistant airframe design, airframe emergency parachute system, AMSAFE airbags and inertial reel harnesses, Garmin ESP (electronic stability and envelope protection), a strong occupant-protective enclosure for the pilot and passengers, automatic fuel management, simplified controls, such as a combined throttle and brake lever, and a more modern, car-like atmosphere and operation.


“The EASA CS-23 category is an internationally recognized certification standard which will allow the new F2-CS23 to be easily accepted in all markets worldwide,” said Dieter Koehler, Head of Design for F2 and F4 projects with Flight Design. “The international design team of the F2-CS23 brought a tremendous amount of talent into this program and the EASA Type Certificate is well deserved.”

The F2-CS23 comes with standard features like an all Garmin G3X avionics suite, 2 axis autopilot, Rotax 912iS fuel-injected 100HP engine with a DUC certified propeller, Beringer wheels and brakes, perforated leather seats, heat exchanger heating system and Whelen lighting.


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