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Flight instructors play key role in the Webster

The annual Webster Memorial Trophy Competition relies heavily on generating interest within the Canadian aviation community to encourage non-professional pilots, young and old to enter this prestigious and rewarding event.

June 6, 2016  By Wayne Foy

This results in a high number of competitors applying, which is excellent as it does confirm that the competition is still considered worthwhile. Numbers are fine to receive and the standard of flight skills witnessed from the submitted flight test reports from across the country are quite good which is an excellent indicator of the high training standards by Canada’s flight training units.

Some entrants however excel and as this is a competition for the Top Amateur Pilot in Canada, they are the ones who eventually achieve one of the nine finalists’ positions. Do competitors decide themselves to compete or do they receive encouragement to do so? Some do decide on their own by noting the posters at their flight school and perhaps reviewing the Webster website. Most however are encouraged to enter and in the majority of cases it is by a flight instructor.

Who better than the flight instructor, who notes an exceptional student or pilot and makes that person aware of the competition encouraging them to participate. We rely heavily on this source in order to ensure that top quality competitors are entered and acknowledge them for their interest in the programme and contribution of time and effort to encourage their customers to compete.

Finalists receive excellent prizes just for reaching that level and also get to make tremendous contacts within the aviation community benefiting them later should they proceed into commercial aviation. The instructors who promoted the program should also have something for their efforts, therefore each year prizes from various Webster supporters are sought out and a flight instructor draw takes place a few days after the competition deadline to thank them for their efforts. So, a sincere formal thank you is extended to all those instructors who promoted the competition. Your efforts are definitely appreciated.



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