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Flight Operations: ZIP – A Short, Sharp Hissing Sound

I had caused an “alienation of the largest employee group in Canadian Aviation.”

October 3, 2007  By John R. Scott

Two issues ago, I wrote about a recent situation that has confronted
some 450 pilots. The loss of their primary income. No job. Looking
back, I remembered with what naivety I had paid into the unemployment
insurance system for 35 years but never thought I would get anything
out of it! I was attempting to commiserate with the ‘many who had gone
before me' and suffered the downsizing, collapse, restructuring, etc.
of ‘their' airline. To one reader, the article appeared to be nothing
but Air Canada-bashing; in fact, the letter stated that I had caused an
"alienation of the largest employee group in Canadian Aviation." If
that is so, then why was there only one pilot who took up the cudgel? I
must say that I am but one person with one view. It is stated quite
clearly on the editorial page that this is my column, not the opinion
of the publisher. My alleged ‘sour grapes' was merely an attempt to be
somewhat compassionate to those who had lost their primary income (six
months later only 25% have found employment in aviation- related – not
necessarily flying – jobs). It was also directed to the leader(s) of
Air Canada who are running a monopoly but trying to Jazz (or is it
Boogie?) it up – but in truth not changing anything.


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